Parnity's idea is to innovate and improve the way partnerships between freight forwarders work and the way it's managed.

Thinking about that, we created "MyNetwork", a tool that was developed to allow fright forwarders to manage their partnerships. If you're an organized person, you know how important management tools are. Technology exists to make things work more easily and automatically, that's what MyNetwork is about.

What are the benefits of using MyNetwork as a management tool?

By using MyNetwork you will have everything you need regarding partnerships in one place:

  • A complete list of all partners that you work with
  • Information about each partnership separated
  • Your partners listed by country
  • Ranking lists to organize partners by priority
  • Pricing team aware of whom to consider when quoting
  • An overview of your global coverage
  • Notice where partnerships can be developed
  • Share it with your team to have them collaborating
  • Analyze each of your partnerships' business data
  • Make better decisions based on data
  • Everything is 100% private to you and your team

How will I manage my partnerships through MyNetwork?

There are a few steps you have to follow to start using MyNetwork:

1. Bring all your partners to Parnity

The first thing you have to do is bring all your partners to your MyNetwork. There are 3 ways of bringing your partners too your MyNetwork:

  • Upload a list with all your partners
  • Insert one at a time
  • Add from our database

2. Rank your partners by country

After having your partners added to your MyNetwork, you are be able to see them separated by each country. Inside each country's page there's "MyRanking", which is where you can create lists to organize your partners according to the priority they should be quoted for specific criteria. The lists are customizable allowing you to decide which criteria is relevant for quotation.

3. Share it with your pricing team

Now that your partners are already ranked, it will make your quotation process much faster, aligned and assertive, you just have to share it with your pricing team.

Your teammates can also collaborate with you in Parnity by adding notes to the partnerships' overview, keeping you updated about what's going on with each one of your partners.

4. Analyze business data exchanged with each partner

You can easily upload your business data exchanged with your partners to Parnity's "Partnership Analytics". It is a business intelligence tool that helps you make data-informed decisions based on accurate up-to-date metrics. You can find out your top 5 partners by business and top 5 partners by profit!

5. Have the overview of your global coverage

At last, after adding and ranking your partners, you can see your "My Partners Global Coverage Map" updated showing you how many partners you have in total, and in how many countries you have partners at. That also allows you to notice where you could go next and start developing new partnerships.

Ready to start working on your MyNetwork?

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