This session exists to enable you to see, in a consolidated way, all the partners you have added to your MyNetwork, your global coverage, your top 5 partners and your top 5 partners by profit*. To see all your partners in one place, you have to go to your MyNetwork, and you’ll find your “My Partners List”.

Understanding My Partners List

In order for you to use MyNetwork as your partner management tool, you need to have all the partners you currently work with gathered in this session. You can learn more about adding your partners to MyNetwork by clicking here.

*Only administrators can see the top 5 partners by business and top 5 partners by profit.

If you have not added any partners yet, your MyPartners section will be empty, waiting for you to add your partners. If you have already made at least one inclusion, it will have the partner list view, where each company added is presented in a card format.

  • The company logo will appear if the company also has a Parnity profile. If not, the logo will be replaced by a blue circle with the initial letter of the company name, but no MyNetwork functionality is affected by this. If at any time your partner creates a Parnity profile, the additional information such as the company logo will be automatically updated.

In “My Partners List”, on the left side of the card, you will find information about MyRanking. If you have ranked a partner in the MyRanking of his country, you will see the information “RANKED” in grey. If the partner has not yet been ranked by you or your team within the MyRanking in their country of operation, the information will be in red, as "NOT RANKED". To learn more about creating/editing your MyRanking, click here.

On the right side of the card, you will find “...”, this is where you will be able to view the public profile of a partner or remove it from your MyNetwork.

  • View public profile: clicking on this option you will be taken directly to that partner's public profile, in case you need to have access to the general information shared by that company itself on Parnity.
  • Remove from MyNetwork: clicking on this option you will remove that company as a partner listed in your MyPartners session and consequently delete the Partnership Timeline and remove it from any ranking.

The button “Overview” on the right side of the card takes you directly to that partner's Partnership Overview. To learn more about Partnership Overview, click here.

  • Clicking on “Key Contacts” you will find all the important contacts of that specific partner.

To find a specific partner you must go to our Home, which you can access by clicking on the house icon in the search bar. There you will see “Find New Forwarders”, below that there is a search bar where you can find new partners.

📹 Check out this video to see how you can add partners to your My Partners List 📹

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