Parnity's biggest differential is allowing you to bring all your forwarders partners to one place, regardless of having a profile with us or not. We allow you to upload your own partners list to your MyNetwork, this way you're able to manage your partnerships using all the great tools that Parnity can offer you.

Preparing the file to be uploaded

To upload your list of partners, you need good data preparation to ensure success. It is crucial that the data to be imported is in proper format for the import process to be completed in a timely manner. Poor formatting could lead to failed imports, conflicting data, and additional efforts in correcting data.

Encoding your Comma-Separated Value (.CSV) files in Unicode—specifically, UTF-8 format—is important to ensuring your imported data saves correctly within Parnity. UTF-8 can account for invalid/erroneous characters contained in a document that, if included during an import or migration, would result in data corruption. This article will provide information on how to save .CSV files in UTF-8 format and what you need to know about the field’s information.

Important Information Regarding Imports

The Import Tool uses information from .CSV files and creates partners data from this information. These files contain only alphanumeric data and are presented in a table format. When saving .CSV files, be aware of the following:

Header rows can help you

Header rows are important for mapping Parnity fields to import. If you have it, remember to check the checkbox located in the importation modal.

You need to have four columns in your file

In order for your upload to be successful you must have the four following columns:

  • Partner Company Name. The name of the partner company
  • Partner Country. The country where your partner's office is located. Be aware that the country name has to follow ISO-3166 standards. Click here to see the list.
  • Key Contact Name. The name of the person you always contact in this company's office.
  • Key Contact e-mail. The e-mail address of your key contact.

Choose the right file DELIMITER

In the importation modal, you need to choose which delimiter your CSV is configured with. If you use the wrong one, the columns will not be interpreted the right way.

How to start uploading MyPartners list:

  1. Click on “MyNetwork” on the menu on the left side of the page or in the “Home”
  2. In “Import Partners” click on “Upload my list”
  3. Choose your file
  4. Choose the delimiter of your CSV file (;or,)
  5. Click on “Import”
  6. Match the headers for each column
  7. Click on “Next step”
  8. Click on “Finish”. If all your partners were uploaded successfully you will see the message "Import Finished! Total of partners imported: x/x". In case the number of partners you uploaded don't match, check if all the information required is correct, such as, the country's name according to ISO-3166.
  9. Click on "View Partners" so you can start managing your partners.

For a more effective way of managing your partners you can rank them by country according to your priorities so you can choose your own criteria, and you can have as many as you need. Click here so you can learn more about ranking your partners.

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