Business data analysis can help managers make strategic decisions, achieve goals and solve problems. When speaking about Partnership between freight forwarders, there's a lot you can learn from the business you have been exchanging.

Individually understanding each forwarder company and the businesses you two have exchanged, can go far beyond what you expect. All you have to do is collect and analyze data.

Partnership Analytics is a Business Intelligence tool created to help you, freight forwarder, visualize all the business data between your forwarder partners. This feature allows you to understand which are your good partners and which are your win-win partnerships.

With Partnership Analytics you are able to view:

  • The volume of cargo sent to your partner and the volume received
  • The profit generated with that partner
  • The amount of business you have exchanged by month
  • Which are the criteria (modal/city/expertise) that you have more business exchanged

Take a look at how the Partnership Analytics looks like after business data is uploaded to it

What are the real benefits of using Partnership Analytics?

Stop loosing money, time and opportunities by:

  • Knowing what agents generate you more business so you can keep having a good relationship with them;
  • Knowing which agents have been giving you routing orders, and you haven't been sending them any, but to another one instead;
  • Knowing if those agents you've been sending cargo are also giving you in return or not;
  • Knowing which countries have you been moving more cargo and which ones you should improve;
  • Paying more attention to small businesses that can be maintained, some can even grow bigger;
  • Making the right decisions based on your own experience;
  • Being prepared for meetings and conferences knowing everything about each partnership specifically so you know which agents you should ask for more businesses;
  • Keeping your Business Development organized. What you see better, you see faster, and act even faster;
  • Understanding what can be better regarding your partnerships in order to be more profitable.

Click here to learn how you can start importing your business data to the Partnership Analytics.

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