Partnership Overview is an innovative concept of consolidating information about each partnership that a forwarder has with another forwarder.

It works as a historical database of information records about the partnership, the business exchanged and the quality of the operations performed together.

The information entered in this session, as well as all within your MyNetwork, is restricted to your company's users, which can collaborate with the information records within the Partnership Timeline.

Parnity believes that the data consolidated in this session can, in a simple and fast way, deliver to the partnership manager a trustful and consolidated scenario of how each partnership is evolving and find the best way to improve or further develop the relationship with that company.

Within Partnership Overview you will find:

  • The company name
  • The location of that company
  • The “Key contacts” button, that will give you access to the contacts of this company
  • “About partnership”, where you will be able to see the most important information of your partnerships
  • “MyRanking”
  • “Timeline” a feature that allows you to see all the information records about that company. You can also leave a note to your team about that partner in this area. In this area, it’s possible to edit or delete the note you have made.
  • “Analytics”, here you will find the volume of business you exchanged with a specific partner, divided by modal and the profit.

📹 Check out this video to learn more about Partnership Overview 📹

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