Partners Global Coverage Map is placed in Home and in the MyNetwork menu and is an interactive map representing your global partnership coverage. The percentage of the map coverage is measured by the population number of the country, that takes in consideration the size of the market.

Visually, colored countries show that you already have partners there. The countries in light grey show the places where you don't have partners yet. Note that the map represents the partners you have added in your MyNetwork, so in order to get a true picture of your global partners' coverage, all your partners must be added in your MyNetwork. Click here to learn how to add partners.

Understanding the meaning of the map's colors

Light Grey

You don’t have partners in this country yet.

Dark Grey

You have partners in this country, but you haven’t organized them on MyRanking yet.


You have partners in this country and they are already organized on MyRanking.

Click here to see how you can import your list of partners to Parnity.

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