Most freight forwarder companies are used to being part of networks that offer payment protection, a sort of "insurance" in case of lack of payments between their members.

Parnity as you may already know, is a different concept, and we have different goals. We don't want to solve a problem after it happens, we want to avoid the problem to happen! And that means we are working on solutions that will help you choose the best agent to work with.

Ok, so you don't have payment protection. What can I expect from Parnity, then?

Parnity is not a closed group, we are a community of worldwide freight forwarders and we want all the companies to be able to join this community to have access to all the information we provide, as well as all the unique and technological functionalities our platform already has, the ones that are to be launched soon, and the ones to be developed in the future.

But that doesn't mean you have to work with each and every company inside Parnity. What we do is offer you the possibility of having a lot of options to choose from, rather than having a third party choosing for you. We give you the resources for knowing, researching, and selecting your next partner more confidently and not just because someone has said you can work with then. You take control of your partnering process and you create your own network.

What are the benefits of using Parnity over other solutions?

  • A lot of logistics networks don't offer payment protection and you have to pay thousands of dollars per year to have access to a limited list of agents while in Parnity you pay way less and have way more.
  • Payment protection is a solution for a problem that shouldn't have happened, and there's a claiming process that can be very stressful to get the payment. Isn't it better to avoid this problem by choosing it right? Parnity gives you incontestable information validated internally and externally.
  • In Parnity you are able to determine what are the important criteria when choosing another forwarder to work with.
  • Don't stick with the ordinary, save money with Parnity, a platform that is in constant improvement bringing the best tools not only to help freight forwarders connect, but everything regarding partnerships' process.
  • Having more options of agents per country, the more the chances of finding a partner that will meet your real needs in specific movements, and even get more competitive rates.

What are Parnity's resources for finding the best partners?

Trust Scan

The Trust Scan is an asset that shows you validated information inside each company's profile. Certificates, Financial records, Community indicators, Parnity usage. Currently these are the information we can provide through our system, and it has been constantly improved to help you have more and more validated info.

Click here to learn everything about the Trust Scan.

Artificial Intelligence

Parnity's "Find Forwarders" is not a common search tool. Our search algorithms enable you to find the agents that are most likely to be qualified according to the evaluation criteria and that match your current needs.

Click here to understand better how Parnity's "Find Forwarders" work.

Other solutions in the oven

As you already know, Parnity was developed to evolve. That's our main focus, to improve what we have, and create whatever is going to help you, freight forwarder, get more results from your partnership's, making the processes more technological, collaborative, organized, simple, faster and easier.

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