The biggest concern in the forwarding business is working with reliable companies, especially when it comes to partnership between agents worldwide. Knowing that, Parnity has been working on developing tools that will bring a lot more confidence to our users when choosing a new partner to work with.

We are launching the Trust Scan, a space in the public profile where you will be able to check important information about the companies, in order for you to evaluate trustability, to help you make a decision based on verified criteria. Brings you the possibility to analyze all forwarders' background with the most disseminated logistics certifications.

It's also the perfect time for you to show the other companies that they can trust you to be their next partner. You take control of your partners' analysis!

How does the Trust Scan work?

All companies have a space on their profile, the Trust Scan area, that displays information that will be validated by Parnity.

This means that the companies will submit their certificates issued by trusted logistics certifications, our system will check the veracity in official channels, and only if they are valid, they will be added to the trust scan area.

There's also platform usage data to help you understand this agent's reputation.

Which information can be found in the Trust Scan?


The companies will upload their certifications, the certificates will be validated by the organization that expedited it, and Parnity will signal verified in the specific field. You will be able to see the certificate number in the companies' profile. Certifications that can be uploaded to the profile are:

  • IATA: ​​IATA accreditation, available for travel agents and cargo agents, simplifies the business relationship between agents and airlines, and gives airlines access to a worldwide network of reliably certified and recognized agents.​​

  • AEO: Authorized Economic Operator is a certification granted by each country, in accordance to WCO, to companies whose management processes minimize the risks that exist in their foreign trade operations and that demonstrate that they are committed to the criteria of Customs Conformity and Security of the Logistic Chain.

  • D-U-N-S: The D-U-N-S Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses. It is used to establish a D&B business credit file, which is often referenced by lenders and potential business partners to help predict the reliability and/or financial stability of the company in question.

  • BASC: Business Alliance for Secure Commerce certificates are issued under a consecutive number and special security paper that identifies its authenticity and validitation. BASC certified companies are identified with their own designated code that entitles them for meeting the requirements and compliance of the BASC Security and Control Management system.

Financial Records

Companies will agree to have their information checked under FDRS warning list, which lists freight forwarder companies that have defaulted on payments and/or have made repeated promises of payment and failed to honor it. If the company is not in FDRS' warning list, Parnity will signal verified for "Not listed in FDRS". This field will be frequently updated and you'll be able to see the last time it was updated.

Community Indicators

  • MyNetwork Presence: Number of companies that consider that company as a partner by adding them to their MyNetwork.

  • Contacts Last Month: Number of emails that this company has received through Parnity in the last month.

Parnity Usage

  • Last Access: The last time this company logged in their Parnity account. If the company was recently active, it means that they are operating accordingly and the chances of having a fast response are higher.

Where can I see the other companies' Trust Scan?

  1. Go to "Find Forwarders";

  2. Search for the country or the specific company name;

  3. Click on "View Profile";

  4. On the left hand side of the page, you'll find the Trust Scan;

  5. If a company is verified, you'll see the name of the certification with the checked sign green;

  6. Click on "View" to see the number/code of the certificate;

  7. For the "Financial Record" there's a tool tip indicating the last time it was updated.

How can I add my company's certifications?

  1. Go to "Home";

  2. In the middle section "Be found by other forwarders", click on "Edit MyCompany";

  3. In your company's profile, in your left hand side, you'll see the trust scan area;

  4. Click on "Start" to upload the certification;

  5. Click on "Attach certification file" and choose the file you want to upload (note that only .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png are accepted);

  6. Enter the certification number;

  7. Click on "Submit";

  8. Confirm that you see the message "Certification submitted with success" on the top right hand corner;

  9. After the submission you'll see a blue clock close to the name of the certification, and that means that your certification is under analysis.

How can I have my financial records consulted?

  1. On the company profile page in the Trust Scan area you'll see "Financial records";

  2. Click on "start";

  3. Check the box to accept to "Consult if my company is blacklisted on FDRS and show the result on my public profile".

  4. Click on "Submit" to confirm;

  5. It will be automatically checked and shown in your profile.

You can also work on your Trust Scan straight from "Home"

On the "Home" screen where we show you your company's position and the visits your profile had in the last month, we also give you steps to improve your company's visibility, right?! Now you can also add your certifications from the home to increase your profile reliability.

You can add, update, and check status of the certifications you submitted.

Very easy, isn't it? 😉

What happens after I submit my certificate?

You just have to wait for a few days to have your certificate validated. After the analysis, you will be notified about the approval, and your certificate information will already be available on your profile. If we're not able to validate your certificate, you will be notified as well, and our support team will contact you to confirm all the information.

What happens if I don't have any of the certifications to upload or if I my company is in FDRS' blacklist?

If your company doesn't have any of the certifications that we are accepting now, don't worry, you'll still have the Trust Scan area showing the other information. This is just the beginning, the Trust Scan will be evolved and we will accept other certifications soon, so always keep an eye on it.

If our system finds your company in FDRS' blacklist, we will simply not mark the validated sign, instead, we will not signal anything in your profile. The system updates it periodically so whenever your company leaves the list, your profile will have the "not listed in FDRS'' signed.

Important information to keep in mind 💡

  • Every time your search for a company you can easily identify if they have a validated certificate, they will have the Trust Scan Badge.

  • The Trust Scan will also interfere on your position in the search. Click here to learn more about it.

📹 If you're more of a video person, this one's for you! 📹

Do you still have any questions about the Trust Scan? Send us a message and we will be happy to assist you! 😃

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