Not a simple Search Bar. Parnity brought the artificial intelligence of the most modern Search Algorithms to help you, freight forwarder, to optimize your process of finding a good company to start a new partnership.

One of the great benefits of having various solutions for cargo agent’s partnership processes within Parnity is the cross-data intelligence that this enables. And the main objective of this data cross-checking is to organize Parnity's search results not by a simple criterion such as "alphabetical order", but by quality and activity indicators. Our Search Algorithm, developed exclusively for this purpose, organizes the search results in an updated way by combining and crossing the criteria below.

  • Trust Scan
  • Profile information
  • Activities in Parnity

So, the moment you need to develop a new partnership, you don’t start with the agent who has "A" as the first letter of the company name, but with the one with the highest indicators of quality and recommendation. And that is why you should always keep your company profile active and updated.

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