Parnity is a platform developed for independent freight forwarders partnering. Our main goal is to help you improve your business through your partnerships.

The first thing to highlight is that we're a new concept! We offer you more chances of having success using technology as our ally and bringing you more opportunities!

We have subscription plans to allow our users to choose a plan that suits them the most. There are three different plans: basic, standard and premium. To understand more about Parnity's subscription plans click here.

As an innovative and technological company, we plan big and we'll keep improving Parnity with new solutions to solve all partnering touch points between forwarders.

Now, let's see the main points of what you can do in Parnity and how it can help you:

Find new partners 🔎

Find over 12 thousand real freight forwarding companies in over 190 different countries, and choose the most suitable one for the cargo you need to move! Analyze their background with validated information in the Trust Scan.

Be found by other forwarders 📥

We created the best Company Profile a freight forwarder could have to show the other companies searching for agents in your country, that you are the best option!

Manage your Partners on an exclusive and private tool: MyNetwork 📒

Have all your forwarder partners gathered in a tool that's only visible to your company. Rank the companies so your team will quote the forwarders you wish them to consider for specific situations. Manage your partnerships and keep records of everything you’ve been through with that partner.

📹 Check out the webinar - Parnity Explained, by our CEO, Guilherme Luz, and learn everything about this innovative and technological solution for freight forwarders 📹

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