MyNetwork is a tool designed to allow you, freight forwarder, to run your own network of global partners, this tool was made to enable the management of all your partnerships in one single place. Register all the information about each partnership in a simple and consolidated way and create a personal ranking of partners by country, based on your own criteria and share this information in a totally safe way only with your team.

In MyNetwork you can also have access to the Partnership Analytics, a BETA feature (which means that you can test it and understand how data can show you some information that you have never had before), that allows your company to analyze the quality of your partnerships and understand if you are receiving as much business as you are sending.

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do to start using MyNetwork is import your partners in “Import Partners”. In this area you can upload a list of contacts you already have, or you can register them one by one. If your partners already have a profile on Parnity, they will be imported with more information, like the company logo, and additional contacts, but if they don’t, no functionality is lost, they just won't have their logos and additional information. To know more details about importing .CSV files click here.

📹 Here's a step by step video, to enhance your knowledge 📹

  • Step 2: Once you finish importing your partners, you will be able to see all of them in one place - “My Partners List”, and using the filter on “My Partners by Country” you can find all your partners divided by country. Clicking on “View all” you will be able to see all the partners you have in that specific country. If you want to see an overview of each partner you can click on “Overview”, where you will have all the information about that partner.
  • Step 3: In the Partnership Overview, you have access to all information that you or anyone in your team has already registered about that partner, as well as more details about the company and the Partnership Analytics with all the partnership historical (remember that all information from MyNetwork areas is restricted to your company's users only).
  • Step 4: To use the maximum power of your MyNetwork, go to “My Partners by Country”, choose a country and click on “View all”, after that you will be able to visualize all your partners ranking from that country organized by the criterias you chose. For even more success using Parnity, share your ranking list with your team clicking on “Share with my team”.

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