Partners Ranking is the most innovative feature for partnership management within MyNetwork. A new concept, which we invite you to know and evaluate how it can speed up the process of assertive quotes made by your team and help you to gain time and avoid any communication problems about which partner should be used in each quote.

The general concept of this functionality is to give you the possibility to, in each country of the world, determine which are your criteria that define the selection of a partner (modal/city/expertise in a specific service or any other). To do this, you must first create your Partners Ranking of a country. Click here to learn how you can rank your partners by country.

Once you have, your Partners Ranking of one country, or all, remember that each country has its own ranking. You must share it with your team responsible for partners’ quotations. You can do this in two ways. For both, the first step is that you invite the team, or professional, responsible for quotations to join you as a user of your company at Parnity, see how to do it by clicking here.

Option 1: If you want to give the quote manager access to any Partners Ranking you have created, share with him the general link of the feature: so he can filter by country of interest and access any Partners Ranking.

Option 2: If you want to share one or more countries’ specific rankings, enter the country ranking and click on the button “Share with my team” , copy the link and share it with whoever you need. By accessing this link, the person, being a user of your company on Parnity, will be able to view the country rankings directly.

Remember that whenever you access the general Partners Ranking page, shown below, you will have the following possibilities:

  • View all the partners you have of that specific country
  • View your ranking lists by the categories you have created
  • Share that specific ranking list with your team

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