It is important to give the right permission to each team member, otherwise, you might prevent them from accessing specific features they might need.

If you to want to learn more about permission, click here.

How to choose a member permission when inviting them to Parnity?

  1. Go to the header and click on your name;
  2. Click on "Manage team";
  3. And then "Invite new teammate";
  4. In the "Permissions" field, you'll choose one of the three options. Click here to understand what each permission gives access to;
  5. To allow the person to manage team and invite new teammates, you just have to check the box (it can be combined with any permission);
  6. Click on "Invite";
  7. You'll see a confirmation message saying "user added with success".

How can I change my team members permission?

  1. Go to the header and click on your name;
  2. Click on "Manage team";
  3. Click on the edit button of the teammate you want to change the permission;
  4. Select the permission you want to change to, or check/uncheck the box for "manage team and invite teammates";
  5. Click on "Save" to confirm the changes;
  6. When it's completed, you'll see the message "User edited with success";
  7. You can also edit other information and delete a user in the "Edit User" page.

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