Parnity has its own Artificial Intelligence working to organize the search results in the fairest way, based on relevant criteria.

That's important not only for you to find the best partner possible but also for you to BE the best partner option in your Country/City/Region.

How can I improve my position in the search results?

To improve your position in the search, there are some steps you can follow:

Complete your Company Profile

Have the most complete Company Profile as possible. Fill in your company "About us", services you provide (to be more easily found when filtered), presentations, photos, vΓ­deos and etc. The more information available, the more secure about your company other forwarders will be, and also more relevant to our Search Algorithm you become.

Be active in Parnity

If you're logged in on regular basis, we can assure that your company is still operating and you are online to receive and reply quotes from agents that contact you. By being active on Parnity our Search Algorithm will make you more well-positioned than an agent that is inactive at the platform. The other companies will be able to see the last time you were active in Parnity in the Trust Scan area.

Work on your Trust Scan

The Trust Scan is really important and relevant, it is where you have the chance to show the other companies that you are a reliable partner to work with by adding the certifications your company has, to be validated and added to your profile.

Click here to learn more about Trust Scan.

By following those 3 steps, you have great chances of having a good position in the search results.

Remember that as once a really wise man said: "If you are on top, you’ve earned!"

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