Parnity is a platform that focuses on independent freight forwarders partnering. With Parnity your work will be more productive and optimized, and to use it in its best way you must know who you should bring to be a part of your Parnity account.

Everyone in the team who has a direct relationship with global forwarders partners should be at Parnity, especially:

Managers: the director of its freight forwarders company, they have to be aware of the platforms that are being used in the company and how it can help their employees improve their work. He needs to be able to understand the value that that platform has to his team members and how it will help his team to manage their network in an assertive way.

Trade Lane Developer: this job role could be named as a Network Coordinator, or even be a responsibility of the pricing team or management. In any case, the person designed for this task will be responsible for mapping and managing the partnerships with other freight forwarders companies and search for other partnerships.

MyNetwork tool is the perfect tool for the Trade Lane Developers, it will allow them to manage the partners they already have by country, rank them by their own criteria (modal/city/expertise in a specific service or any other), keep a record of all the important information and search for new partners. All of this in one place.

Pricing: the team responsible for the operation of a freight forwarders quotation. This team needs to have all the partner's information for considering a quotation. Using all the features in MyNetwork the pricing job will become faster and assertive.

All of these job roles can be done by different people in a big team or they can be consolidated with a single person. In any case, Parnity is a platform made for everyone who needs to find good forwarders' partners in a fast way and manage all their partners' information in one place. It’s important that the whole team is on board with the benefits that the platform will provide and that they use it in it’s the best way to make the partnership management smarter.

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