What is Partnership Analytics?

Partnership Analytics is a Business Intelligence tool created to help you, freight forwarder, visualize all the business data between your forwarder partners. This new feature will allow you to understand which are your good partners and which are your win-win partnerships.

With Partnership Analytics you are able to view:

  • The volume of cargo sent to your partner and the volume received
  • The profit generated with that partner
  • The amount of business you have exchanged by month
  • Which are the criteria (modal/city/expertise) that you have more business exchanged

Click here to learn more about all the data you can import to the analytics.

How to start using Partnership Analytics:

Step 1: Click on “MyNetwork” on the menu on the left side of the page or in the “Go to MyNetwork” under "Work on MyNetwork" board on the Home page

Step 2: In “Import Business Data” click on “Upload my list”

Step 3: Choose the delimiter of your CSV file (;or,)

Step 4: Choose your file

Step 5: Click on “Next step”

Step 6: Select a field for each column

Step 7: Click on “Next step”

Step 8: Match the partners you have uploaded with the partners in your MyNetwork or add new partners.

Step 9: Click on “Next step”

Step 10: Fill the fields on “Company Name”

Step 11: Click on “Finish”

Step 12: Click on “Ok”

After importing your Business Data, you can visualize them in each partner’s Partnership Overview.

How to visualize Partnership Overview:

Step 1: Click on “MyNetwork” on the menu on the left side of the page or in the “Go to MyNetwork” under "Work on MyNetwork" board on the Home page

Step 2: In “My Partners list” find the partner you want to see the Business Data

Step 3: Click on “Overview”

Step 4: Click on “Analytics”

Step 5: Enjoy all the data!

On MyNetwork main page, you will be able to see your Top 5 partners by business” and your “Top 5 partners by profit” gathered in a practical visual way.

Partnership Analytics is now available for BETA testing so you can understand how having data in your partnership evaluation process can show you paths you've never seen or thought of. Test and experience the power of data analysis!

Who can access the Partnership Analytics?

Only Administrators can access the Analytics feature. All data uploaded is private and will only be available for the administrators of your team.

How to import .CSV files?

As you already know, the first step to start using Partnership Analytics is to import your partner’s information from a .CSV, which can be made on Excel or Google Sheet. To know how to import your .CSV file click here.

📹 We understand that new tools might be challenging sometimes, so we prepared this amazing tutorial for you to learn how to use the Analytics! 📹

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