“Show the most important information from one agent to another when evaluating a new partnership”. This was Parnity's goal in developing the Company Profile. Visually pleasing and powerful information.

My Company Profile

This is your company profile. It is the way you can be found by other agents looking for a new partner. The more complete your profile is, the better your chances of being found by other companies.

What can I add to my company's profile?

  • About Company: This is where you can edit the company's basic information and add a description about it. It will help your potential partners connect more with your company.
  • Branches: If your company has branch offices, list all of them in your profile so your other offices can be contacted too.
  • Services: Select the services your company provides. If there's a service that's not on the list, you can add it manually in "We also provide". This is very important because when a company is searching for a partner and they need someone that offers a specific service, they can filter to have more assertive results.
  • Key Contacts: Add all your company's key contacts, from all locations (head and branch offices). The more information you provide, the easier you make for the other companies to contact yours. Email address, phone number, Skype, LinkedIn, you can add all of those. Don't forget to select the correct location and advise the job title so the contacts can be properly addressed.
  • Presentation: Here is where you'll be able to add your company's presentation and any other relevant presentations that you would like the other agents to see.
  • Photos: Here you can share pictures of your team, cargos you have moved, announcements, you can be creative.
  • Videos: You can add your company’s videos from Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Trust Scan: This is the place to submit your certifications so Parnity can validate them and add to your profile.

How can I edit my company's profile?

  1. Go. to "Home", in the middle section you'll see your company's logo;
  2. Click on "Edit MyCompany";
  3. Inside your company's profile, you can edit all the information you want as well as add new content.

Other Company Profile

This is the profile you access as you search for agents and get interested in having more information about a particular company.

What if I'm interested in working with this company?

  • You can add them to your MyNetwork by clicking in the "Add to MyNetwork" green box, then you will be able to see this company inside your MyNetwork area.
  • You can send them an email by going to their "Key Contacts", and clicking on "Send Email".

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