As much similar as it seems, Parnity is not a network as most freight forwarder companies are used to being part of. Knowing that we are such a new concept and that it causes some comparison, I'm going to point out some of the differences about our solution.

Logistics Network

A logistics network is usually an exclusive group that a freight forwarder company pays an annual membership fee that costs thousands of dollars to have access to a list of freight forwarder partners in certain regions across the world.

Most networks limit the entrance of companies according to their location to avoid competition, which can be nice but can also be critical, since the rates tend to be higher when there's no competition. Due to these geographical limitations, many of those companies are part of more than 1 network, which increases the costs for them.

Before joining a logistics network, the freight forwarder company is usually analyzed to ensure that the forwarder can enter into their list. After the approval, the forwarder company’s information is shared with the other members in the network database.


Parnity is a collaborative platform, designed for your forwarder company to manage current forwarder partners, find new ones and analyze your partnerships quality. In our platform, you are able to find a bigger number of forwarders to quote and partner with when needed.

With Parnity you can know the trustworthiness of a freight forwarder company, and that is through the most trusted logistics certifiers such as IATA, DUNS number, FDRS, and AEO. Parnity validates if the company really has that specific certificate, and the logistics certifiers validate the quality of each company. Different from the logistics network, Parnity gives you the power of choosing your own partners based on an analysis made entirely by you, with the information we give to you through our system.

We believe that each cargo, and each company, has its specific needs, and having few options of partners per country will not necessarily solve your partnerships problems in that specific country. So, we give you the incontestable background check about forwarders, and you have all the information to choose which forwarder to work with.

In Parnity you are able to manage your current partners in our CRM for partners, which we call "Partnership Relationship Manager - PRM, where you, as a manager, can choose the forwarders you would like your company to work with in every country, and separated by modal, region, or whatever makes sense to you. This way, your team will always know who to quote, bringing efficiency and time saving for the whole company.

The last point is about analyzing your partnerships' quality. We have the Partnership Analytics, that helps you understand if your company has a win-win partnership or not. This visual data will help you make data-informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date metrics, which will improve your revenue.

Logistics Network focuses on helping freight forwarders find other freight forwarders to work with. Parnity also does that, but we go beyond, we offer the possibility to manage and analyze your partnerships, and take control of who you work with, you don’t have to depend on another company to choose for you.

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