In Parnity it is very easy to find other forwarders, we have a really wide data base that will certainly allow you to find an agents to become your next partner.

What to know before start searching with Find Forwarders:

  • Our search engine searches for countries, cities, and company names;
  • The order of the results is defined by the highest indicators of quality and recommendation;
  • Companies can be filtered by being head or branch office, and by the services they provide;
  • You can see if a company has validated information in their profile by the Trust Scan badge next to their name;
  • After searching you can click on the company you're interested to see their profile and send them a quote or strategic partnership invitation.

How do I start searching?

  1. Click on the magnifying glass "Find Forwards" on your right hand side menu;
  2. Type the name of the country, city, or company you want to find;
  3. You'll see all the results for your search;
  4. You can use the filter to have more accurate results;
  5. Click on the name of the company or "View profile" to visualize this company's profile and learn more about them.

Easy and fast, right? Now it's your turn to find your next forwarder partner!

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