If you're not a freight forwarder and have erroneously signed up to Parnity, or maybe if you think it's not the right time for your company to be in Parnity, your account can be deleted.

I want to delete my account, how can I do it?

Currently, there's no self delete option in Parnity. To have your account deleted, you have to talk to our support team and ask them for your account deletion.

We will ask you the reason of your request before we proceed with the deletion. Our user are very important to us, therefor, we like to understand their reasons, and have their feedback on what motivated them to sign up at first, if they had different expectations.

Our kind support team will understand and proceed with the request, and the feedback will be processed and taken into consideration for improvements.

You will be more than welcome back to Parnity at any time you want and feel that your company is ready to be part of this revolution!

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