Data security is one of the pillars of our solution. We understand the importance of this matter to the market and we have a trained team to guarantee the best practices in data storage and control.

Today we use SSL/TLS encryption on all information exchanged within Parnity. All data imported into Parnity is encrypted with this method as well, and therefore remains undisclosed to third parties. Only what you choose to make public and is relevant to potential business partners (e.g. contact information and which certifications your company possesses) is made accessible to other users registered on our platform.

You can trust us with your data

Data protection

To keep all your information secure, Parnity encrypts data at rest and in transit. Our servers are hosted in US-based AWS facilities.

Your data belongs to you

Parnity is committed to keeping your information secure and private. You own your uploaded content and we take the responsibility of protecting it seriously.

Your privacy rights are important to us and we are dedicated to ensuring that all users' personal data is treated in accordance with international General Data Protection Regulations.

Security by design

We consider security and privacy from the initial design phase of any new product or tool. Protecting your information and the data you upload to Parnity is our highest priority.

Would you like to learn more about Parnity's policies? Click here to access our Terms and conditions.

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